Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees for 2019-2021



Trustee, President of the Board - Term Expires 5/2021


The Honorable Amy Hanley

Judge, District Court Division 1


The Honorable Sally D. Pokorny

Judge, District Court Division 2


The Honorable Kay Huff

Judge, District Court Division 3


The Honorable James R. McCabria

Judge, District Court Division 4



Judge, District Court Division 5


The Honorable Peggy C. Kittel

Judge, District Court Division 6


kathryn barker

Trustee - Term expires 5/2021


Karen ebmeier

Trustee - Term expires 5/2021


Michael Jilka

Trustee, Secretary - Term expires 5/2021


joshua seiden

Trustee -  Term expires 5/2021


The Board of Trustees meets quarterly in January, April, July, and October on the third Tuesday of the month at 12:00 noon in the Law Library on the first floor of the Judicial and Law Enforcement Center. The meetings are open to the public.

The Michael J. Malone Douglas County Law Library Board of Trustees was organized pursuant to Kansas Statute 20-3127(b) which reads: The board of trustees of any law library established or governed under this act, and amendments thereto, in Johnson and Sedgwick counties shall consist of five members, two of which shall be judges of the district court, appointed by a consensus of all judges of the district court in those counties, and three of which shall be members of the Johnson or Sedgwick county bar association, appointed by selection of the county bar association pursuant to the Johnson or Sedgwick county bar association's bylaws for two-year terms. The board of trustees of the law library in all other counties shall consist of the district judge or judges of the district court presiding in such county and not less than two attorneys who shall be elected for two-year terms by a majority of the attorneys residing in the county.