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Strategic Choices in Using or Defending Against Electronic Evidence at Trial

Sponsored by Kansas Bar Association.

You have a series of screen shots, texts, or ‘juicy’ evidence that you anticipate using at family law trial. Have you considered the ramifications of introducing this as evidence? This webinar will discuss the strategy behind when and how to appropriately introduce electronic evidence at trial, including possible criminal ramifications, how to handle statements of children, and general conflict management outside the courtroom.

Issues to be Addressed:

·     Kid’s statements – Hearsay? How to sensitively address

·     Criminal ramifications – should you plead the 5th? Civil v. Criminal rules of evidence

·     How will that rock the boat at home – will introducing the evidence help or hurt your client?

·     Additional information – Could lead to Child in Need of Care referrals

·     Basis for granting a divorce – Incompatibility does not require you to prove infidelity. Is this just being done to harass or to shame the other party? 

Approved for 1 hr of CLE credit Kansas & Missouri

The cost of registration for the webinars:

·     KBA member: $80

·     Non-member: $90

·     Paralegal: $45

For questions, contact:

Nancy Burghart, Legal Education Services or (785) 861-8827