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As Judges See it: Top Mistakes Attorneys Make in Civil Litigation

Program Description

How to Impress the Judges and Build Your Reputation with the Court

This unique course brings you face-to-face with the triers of fact, the current civil court judges, to learn their expectations and preferences and help you make the best of your litigation efforts. Explore the egregious errors you must avoid at all costs so as not to jeopardize your case and damage your professional reputation. Sponsored by NBI, Inc.

  • Hear from the judges themselves what works and what doesn't in their courtrooms.
  • Find out where to get court information vital to your case.
  • Learn what judges take into consideration when making the ruling in evidence spoliation and privilege disputes.
  • Explore new and time-tested ways of helping judges resolve your case quickly.
  • Avoid looking unprepared with tips on what documents and information judges need in motion hearings and pre-trial conferences.
  • Learn what documentation actually helps your brief and what is unnecessary and frustrating.
  • Custom-tailor your case presentation to bench vs. jury trial.
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff: learn to make your oral argument in under a minute.
  • Know when to seek the judge's input/ruling and when to handle matters on your own.
  • Get the judges' candid answers to your questions.

Who Should Attend

This basic-to-intermediate level seminar is designed for attorneys.

Course Content

  1. What Attorneys MUST Know about the Local Court Procedure
  2. Summary Judgment Hearings - What Information the Judge Needs to Make a Ruling
  3. Keys to a Successful Pre-Trial Conference
  4. Case Scheduling and Keeping the Court Apprised of Case Updates
  5. Issues that Should be Resolved without the Judges' Involvement
  6. Motion Hearings
  7. Your Briefs: What Judges Don't Want to See and How to Get to the Point Quickly
  8. Legal Ethics
  9. Unacceptable Litigation Tactics
  10. How Judges Decide When and How to Use Sanctions
  11. Witness and Evidence Management
  12. Bench vs. Jury Trial: Case Presentation Tips
  13. Judges' View of Jury Selection and Communications

Continuing Legal Education

Credit Hrs State
CLE 7.00 -  KS*
CLE 7.20 -  MO*

* denotes specialty credits



Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Overland Park-West

8787 Reeder Road

Overland Park, KS 66214

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