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Boundaries and Easements

Seminar Location: Overland Park, KS

Hilton Garden Inn
5800 College Blvd.
Overland Park, KS 66211


Locating Land Boundaries on Paper (And on the Ground) 
K. Dedrick

   Interpreting land descriptions
      • Metes and bounds
      • Lot and block
      • Dos and don’ts for writing descriptions
   Applying principles of boundary location
      • Collecting and evaluating all types of boundary evidence: documents, physical evidence, people, surveys
      • Locating the described land on a map
      • Locating the described land on the ground
      • Understanding and using geographic information systems (GIS)
   Solving land description and boundary location problems

Identifying, Classifying and Locating Easements
B. Quitmeier

   What is and is not an easement
   Reviewing state law on easements
   Creating easements: easements by necessity, easements by use, written easements
   Identifying critical distinctions between easements in gross, easements appurtenant and prescriptive easements
   Maintaining easements
   Knowing when and how to terminate easements
   Obstructing use of easements and determining remedies for obstruction

Defining Trespass and Adverse Possession
R. Davis

   Defining trespass
   Reviewing the history of adverse possession
   Maintaining a claim for adverse possession
      • Statute of limitations
      • Elements of a claim
   Defending against a claim for adverse possessions
   Examining recent adverse possession cases

Resolving Boundary Disputes
R. Davis

   Types of boundary disputes
      • Adverse possession, easements, boundaries
   Obtaining and reviewing boundary evidence
   Methods for establishing disputed boundaries
   Participating in dispute resolution techniques
   Litigation, arbitration, mediation, agreements, title insurance
   Examining boundary dispute case studies: exploringtechniques for resolving sample disputes

Understanding Utility Easements and Rights of Way 
J. Wilson

   Current law on utility rights of way
      • Federal laws and regulations
      • State laws and regulations
   Types of utilities affected
      • Electric, water, natural gas, telecommunications, satellite communications
      • Basis for and definition of the easement
      • Encroachments and interferences
      • Maintenance
      • Environmental issues
      • Condemnation law
      • Current issues involving utility easements


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