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Cybersleuth Investigative Series: How To Be Your Own Private Investigator With Pay Investigative Research Databases - Webinar

When you can’t find what you need for free on the Internet, or if searching site-by-site and/or jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction is not worth your time, consider subscribing to a pay investigative research database. These databases collect information not only from public record and “publicly available” sources, but also from credit header and proprietary sources, from as many jurisdictions as possible. The information is then integrated into one large searchable relational database, with results that practically allow you to create a dossier about your subject. We will illustrate how to use these types of databases by using TLOxp as our example (but the seminar will be useful even if you subscribe to another investigative research database such as Accurint, PeopleMap, or CLEAR). We will also discuss what federal and states laws come into play when you attempt to get certified to use these databases.

·        What’s available at TLOxp.  Find out how to get certified to use TLOxp. Learn to find missing people, even when you don’t know their last name.  Discover reverse searching (by phone number, address, email address, Social Security Number, and more).  Uncover relationships.  Get business background reports.  Find real property ownership (and who holds the mortgages). Create dossiers about people, from criminal records and bankruptcies, to domain ames, social media profiles, and vehicle sightings, and much more. 

What’s not available at TLOxp?

Pending CLE credit in Kansas and Missouri.

Presented by Carole Levitt, JD MLS & Mark Rosch

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