Want to report dangerous driving? City of Lawrence has a new website for that

The city of Lawrence now has a website for residents to report traffic safety concerns and to potentially get improvements made to roadways and increase traffic enforcement by police.

Assistant City Manager Diane Stoddard announced the creation of the website at the City Commission’s most recent meeting. Stoddard said the website allows residents to provide information about any dangerous driving behavior in their neighborhoods.

“So if there are any concerns about people speeding or other hazards that are in the neighborhood, this is a way to get that information to us,” Stoddard said.

Specifically, the website provides an online form for residents to report concerns such as vehicles speeding, ignoring school zones, running stop signs, making illegal turns, failing to yield at crosswalks and other hazardous behavior. The form has fields for residents to enter the location of the behavior and the days and times it most frequently occurs.

Residents can report their traffic concerns online at, and the site also provides a link to the appropriate form to report street maintenance issues such as potholes.

Mary Shultz