Gov.-elect Kelly will use merit-based system instead to select Court of Appeals Judges

The incoming Governor says she does not plan to use the same system of selecting appellate court judges that former Republican Gov. Sam Brownback used. That system allows the governor to make appointments directly, subject to Senate confirmation.

Instead, Governor-elect Kelly says she will use a process akin to the old way of choosing judges by filtering applications through a nonpartisan nominating committee that will forward to her a list of three candidates from which to choose.

“In an effort to increase transparency, we will use a merit-based selection process similar to that used by the Kansas Supreme Court,” Kelly said in a recent statement. “This is not required, but I believe the people of Kansas deserve to observe this process and know that we are choosing a highly-qualified person to serve in this important judicial position. I am committed to being open and transparent.”

The opening on the court is being created by the upcoming retirement of Judge Patrick D. McAnany, who reached the mandatory retirement age of 75 earlier in November.

Mary Shultz