Local Court Rules of the 7th Judicial District - New Addition Coming

An addition to the local court rules is in the works.

Supreme Court Rule 122 authorizes parties to serve electronically-filed documents through the e-filing system’s notice of electronic filing.  But under the e-filing system, notice of the filing is not automatically generated.  Instead, the Clerk’s Office has to process the filing before the notice is sent to other counsel of record.  Sometimes the notice of filing is sent the same day the document is filed, other times the notice of filing isn’t sent for several days (i.e. weekends, workload, etc.).  K.S.A. 60-206(d) does not provide additional time to respond when a document is served by the notice of electronic filing.

The bench bar committee is working on the final language of the local rule, but the bottom line is this...…..

If you choose to serve an electronically-filed document through the notice of electronic filing, you must also email the filing to opposing counsel (or drop off a hardcopy in person).  Basically you will be required to give them a courtesy copy. 


Final language of the rule is in the works, expect the addition soon.

Mary Shultz