Supreme Court accepting comment on proposed new and amended rules regarding mediation and dispute resolution

The Kansas Supreme Court is accepting public comment on proposed new and amended rules regarding mediators, mediation, and dispute resolution processes that seek to promote uniformity and provide guidance to district courts, attorneys, dispute resolution providers, and parties.

Comments may be made by email to until 5 p.m. Sunday, March 3, 2019. The subject line must read "Rules 905-922."

Proposed Supreme Court Rules 905 through 922 are new and apply to mediation, domestic conciliation, parenting coordination, and case management. If adopted, the proposed rules will repeal current Supreme Court Rules 901 through 904.

Also proposed are amendments to Supreme Court Rule 1501, which will rename the Alternative Dispute Resolution Council the Advisory Council on Dispute Resolution to be consistent with state statute. The proposed new and amended rules are available for review on the Kansas judicial branch website at under the heading What's New.

Mary Shultz