Sarah Warner a Finalist for Next Judge of the Kansas Court of Appeals

Governor Laura Kelly’s judicial nominating committee has selected Sarah Warner, the Law Library’s Board of Trustees Chair as one of three finalists for the next judge of the Kansas Court of Appeals. Governor Kelly has until March 15—60 days from the retirement of Hon. Patrick McAnany—to make her appointment, subject to confirmation by the Kansas Senate.

The other finalists are Jeffry Jack, a district court judge in Labette County since 2005. He earned his undergraduate degree in anthropology from Harvard and his law degree from the University of Kansas. He also served in the Kansas House of Representatives; and

Marcia Wood, currently a partner with the Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace and Bauer LLP in Wichita. Previously, she clerked for the U.S. District Judge Frank G. Theis. She received her undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Kansas.

Mary Shultz