Proposed Supreme Court Rules 20 through 24 and Amended Supreme Court Rule 111

The Kansas Supreme Court announced on April 22, 2019, that it is accepting public comment on rules that address the Kansas eCourt project to develop a centralized case management system for Kansas courts.
Five new rules are proposed and they are referred to collectively as the Kansas eCourt Rules:

  • Rule 20 is a Prefatory Rule explaining the purpose for developing a centralized case management system;

  • Rule 21 defines terms used in the eCourt Rules;

  • Rule 22 establishes the framework for providing public access to electronic case records;

  • Rule 23 discusses requirements for efiling documents in Kansas district courts;

  • Rule 24 describes protections afforded personally identifiable information. 

The Supreme Court is also accepting comment on amendments Rule 111, which governs the physical characteristics of pleadings and other documents. Because Rule 111 is an existing rule, changes are shown by underlining new content and using strikethrough to show deleted content.  
Comments may be made by email to until 5 p.m. Monday, May 13, 2019. The subject line must read "eCourt Rules."

Mary Shultz