Supreme Court Rules 208 and 808

The Kansas Supreme Court has approved changes to Supreme Court Rules 208 and 808 relating to Attorney Registration and Continuing Legal Education.
Rules 208 and 808 govern the registration procedures for attorneys admitted to practice law in the State of Kansas by the Supreme Court.
Online registration will be available this year.
Changes in Rule 208 (Attorney Registration) include the following:

  • THE GRACE PERIOD HAS BEEN ELIMINATED.  All registration forms and fees are due by June 30.  The late fee will automatically be assessed for registration forms and fees received after June 30.  For those forms and fees that are paid manually and sent to the lockbox, the date the form and fee is deposited by the bank is the date “received” by the Clerk.

  • A status change that results in a lower fee (such as active to inactive) or no fee (such as active/inactive to retired), must be received in the Clerk’s office by June 30.  If the status change is not received by June 30, an attorney must pay the registration fee based on the attorney’s status shown in the records of the Clerk as of July 1.

  • Online registration will be available for attorneys to register and submit payments only.  Only status changes to a lower fee or no fee will be accepted online this year.   Additional online features will be added in future years. 

  • Changes to any contact information will still need to be submitted online at:    (Click on Change of Address on the left-hand side).  This link takes you to the CLE website and the update will continue to be automatically forwarded to the Clerk of the Supreme Court (Attorney Registration), CLE Commission and the Federal Court of Kansas.

  • Online registration will be voluntary for 2019 and 2020 but will be mandatory in 2021.

Changes in Rule 808 (Continuing Legal Education) include the following:

  • The annual CLE fee is due by June 30.  A fee postmarked on or after July 1 must be accompanied by the late fee.

The revised Rules 208 and 808 can be viewed on the Kansas Supreme Court website under the Supreme/Appellate Court Rules tab Rules Relating to Discipline of Attorneys and Continuing Legal Education.

Mary Shultz