Updates to Kansas child support guidelines open for public comment

Every 4 years, an advisory committee reviews Kansas' child support guidelines to
ensure that the roughly $35 million mothers and fathers pay in support each month is equitable
for the parents and appropriate for the day-to-day essential needs of the children they support.

Child support pays for housing, clothing, transportation, recreation, health care, child care, and
other expenses that would have been shared by the parents had the family remained intact.

Federal law requires states to review their child support guidelines every four years, and Kansas
has reviewed and revised its guidelines nine times since they were initially established in 1989.

Reviews are by a 13-member advisory committee that has included parents who either pay or
receive child support, tax professionals with expertise in child support, attorneys, and judges. An
economist is enlisted to help with the review.

The committee spent nearly a year reviewing the guidelines and making proposed updates, and
those updates are now open for public review and comment.

The proposed guidelines, a copy of the economist's report, and other relevant documents are
available on the Kansas judicial branch website at under the heading What's

Comment can be made through an online survey accessible from the Kansas judicial branch
website at under the heading What's New. Comment will be accepted until 5
p.m. Saturday, August 10.

After receiving public comment, the Kansas Supreme Court will decide whether to adopt
changes to the guidelines as proposed by the advisory committee.

Mary Shultz